contenedor de 10 pies

We want to introduce you the 10´containers.

In the world of sea containers, innovation continues to break new ground, and the 10 ft is proof of that. These containers, manufactured with the same quality of steel, corners, latches, lock protectors and top quality finishes as the larger ones, guarantee durability and strength over the years.

Characteristics of a 10´ container

One of the most outstanding features of these 10´ containers is their ability to accommodate other 8 ft or even smaller containers inside. This dimensional flexibility not only optimizes transport costs by making efficient use of space, but also makes them ideal for hard-to-reach areas. Their compact size makes them a perfect logistics solution to maximize every available inch, opening up possibilities in environments where space is a scarce resource.

Measures of a 10 ft container

External measures

Length 2,991 mm x Width 2,438 mm x Height 2,591 mm

Internal measures

Length 2,840 mm x Width 2,350 mm x Height 2,393 mm

How much can an unmodified 10-foot container load?

The weight of the container is 1.250 kg

The maximum load it can carry is 8.860 kg

How much capacity is a 10-foot container?

A 10´ container has a capacity of 15.95 m3

Different uses for a 10´ container

Versatility is one of the greatest strengths of these 10 ft containers. From storing tools and equipment to securing valuable goods, these containers are easily adapted to a variety of needs. But their potential doesn’t end here; the creativity and expertise of our transformation team allows them to be turned into tailor-made solutions.

Imagine a mobile office, a custom storage space or even an exclusive point of sale: these 10 foot containers can be transformed to fulfill these functions and more. The flexibility in their design and the possibilities of adaptation make them a very popular and attractive option. Here are some examples:

  • Mobile offices: perfect for setting up temporary or mobile offices in remote or hard-to-reach locations. They can be equipped with desks, chairs, shelves and computer equipment.
  • Trade fair stand: can incorporate furniture, windows and doors, signs, vinyl, lighting and even screens to show promotional videos or product demonstrations. We leave you a sample of what our team can do.
  • Construction container: used on construction sites to store necessary tools, materials and equipment.
  • Living spaces: Modular dwellings can be created with containers of various sizes that can become comfortable and living spaces.
  • Construction modules: in addition to serving as storage, they can be transformed into modules for different purposes such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, among others, in construction projects or temporary events.
  • Sanitation solutions: they can be adapted to become public toilets, shower stations or even wastewater treatment units.
  • Storage: ideal for storing material safely and protected against inclement weather. The lack of space and the need for storage have made the renting of storage rooms a booming trend, turning self storage into a business model that has not stopped growing.
10 foot container 1 1024x768 - 10 foot containers
  • Power supply: They can be equipped with power generation systems such as solar panels or battery systems to provide power in remote locations.
  • Oil and gas industry: to store equipment, tools and supplies at oil and gas drilling or exploitation sites.

Combinations with a 10 foot container

In addition to their functionality, they offer ecological advantages by minimizing the use of resources and space, an essential consideration in a world where sustainability is increasingly crucial. It will be possible to transport, within a 10 ́, containers of 9 ́, 8 ́ and 7 ́.

10dry987 1 1 - 10 foot containers

We can quickly provide you with a temporary or permanent storage solution. We have a range of containers in different sizes and equipment to adapt to your needs.

Container 9 ́: Length 2743 mm x Width 2200 mm x Height 2260 mm

Container 8 ́: Length 2489 mm x Width 2000 mm x Height 2000 mm

Container 7 ́: Length 2235 mm x Width 1800 mm x Height 1740 mm

In short, the 10-foot containers represent an outstanding innovation in the world of storage and transport. Their adaptability, strength and transformability make them an attractive and versatile solution for today’s needs. The limit is only in your imagination.