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ISO codes and marking of sea containers

Maritime containers that transit around the world have a standardized registration system for control purposes. Therefore, it is recommended that all maritime containers involved in international maritime cargo transportation be registered with the Bureau International du Container (BIC) and marked with a series of identification codes regulated by ISO 6346 and the subsequent update ISO…

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CSC plate on shipping containers

What is a CSC plate? The CSC (Container Security Certificate) plate is a metal plate affixed to shipping containers to certify that they have been constructed, inspected and tested in accordance with international security standards. Generally, the CSC plate is located on the outside of the left-hand door of the container in a visible place…

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Classification of sea container condition

Shipping containers can be classified into four categories based on their quality. It is important to understand the clasiffication of  shipping containers according to their quality. Condition of sea containers New or OneWay The vast majority of shipping containers, especially standard shipping containers, are manufactured in China. Therefore, new containers available at any port in…

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ISO standards for sea containers

ISO standards are a set of internationally recognised standards that were established to help companies to achieve uniform levels of management, service provision and product development in industry. They are created by the International Organisation for Standardisation. This organisation was established in 1947 by 25 countries in London, but is now based in Geneva and…

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Elements of a shipping container

Shipping containers make possible to store and transport goods by land and sea. The first journey with a sea container was made in 1956.   These containers are specially manufactured from steel or aluminium, many of them protected with plywood or fibreglass to prevent dampness during the journey.   There is a wide variety of sea containers:…

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