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Containers converted into business and event spaces

The transformation of shipping containers as a construction solution is a growing trend. Thanks to Cargotecture, new alternative uses for shipping containers are emerging that make the most of the performance of these steel structures. Containers are robust, modular and mobile. The possibility of being transported, connected to the electricity grid and to the  water…

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Alternative uses of shipping containers

Shipping containers are a vital link in the transport of goods, and their use has been growing steadily in international trade.  But the world is moving in more than one way. Their resistant structure manufactured in steel has led to other alternative purposes to the transport and storage of dry and refrigerated cargo.  They also…

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Container transformed into a hydrogen plant

In collaboration with our client H2GREEM, we are in the first phase of a project for integration of equipment for the production and accumulation of hydrogen.  This product guarantees the protection of the equipment and its autonomy allows to replicate and transfer within the current regulations. Perfect for new and changing sustainable energy technologies. The…

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Impersonation in the sale of containers

In recent months, maritime transport has been the victim of virtual fraud. As in other sectors, fraudulent practices are proliferating in the container market via the Internet, making it necessary to warn companies and customers in the sector of the existing risk. How to detect scams in the sale of containers online: Most of these…

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Types of shipping containers

Containers are a vital part of the maritime transport of goods. Due to their hermetic and robust structure, they are the most effective solution for protecting goods from severe weather, but also from possible damage or theft, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in optimum condition. There is a container model for each type…

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Advantages of installing extras in a Reefer container

A refrigerated container or Reefer is an intermodal shipping container used in the transportation of goods that require a controlled temperature during transport and storage. This type of container is used by the food industry to transport perishable and temperature-sensitive cargo. It is also common in the transport of chemical or pharmaceutical products, which need…

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