contenedor garaje

Having a space to store your car or motorbike is a necessity that is not always affordable.  

The architecture with shipping containers is a fast, economical and proven way of building for many years in different countries, so transforming a container into a garage can be a valid option.  

Advantages of building a garage with shipping containers

Shipping containers have many advantages, including their size and durability. They are large enough to store large objects and their corrosion-resistant metal structure allows them to be protected for long periods of time in the most demanding environments.  

Speed of construction

Installing a container on a site for use as a garage is a quick and easy process, similar to that of a modular house, which can be completed in hours.  


Containerised construction of homes, offices, warehouses or garages is more affordable than traditional site-built options. They require less material, little machinery, little labour and minimal maintenance costs.  


Dismantling and reassembling any type of construction is not always feasible, and if it is, it often involves time and cost. With shipping containers, this is not the case. As they are transportable, if you want to change location in the future, they can be moved without any problems.  

Which container to choose for a garage project?

Since the container is going to be the main structure of our garage project, it is important to choose the most suitable type of container for our needs.  

Containers are available in a variety of standard sizes. The 20-foot containers are the most commonly used for private garages. They are ideal for storing cars, motorbikes, bicycles or golf carts (a car is usually between 4 metres long and 1.80 metres wide).  

In cases where larger dimensions are required, 40′ containers provide double the length. In addition, there are 20′ and 40′ containers with double doors that allow independent access from each side. And 20′ high cube shipping containers have extra height.  

It should be noted that different types of containers can be found on the market depending on their condition, although it is preferable to buy a new container rather than a second-hand one. Used containers often show signs of wear and tear such as cracks or dents in their structure, so they can never provide the stability or durability of a new one.  

It is important to make sure that our container complies with the corresponding ISO, which guarantees its properties and measurements.  

Container garage or parking

Using containers of different sizes, we can configure our garage for one or more cars. It is possible to place two containers on each side and a roof between them. It is even possible to extend its capacity as a car park by stacking several containers.  

The interior and exterior of the container can be coated to the customer’s taste, as well as being fitted with electrical installation, windows or a hinged door, among many other ideas.  

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