conteneurs maritimes aménagés

The transformation of shipping containers as a construction solution is a growing trend. Thanks to Cargotecture, new alternative uses for shipping containers are emerging that make the most of the performance of these steel structures.

Containers are robust, modular and mobile. The possibility of being transported, connected to the electricity grid and to the  water supply and sewage network, allows a business to be set up in hours with less investment than would be needed in traditional premises. Its “industrial chic” appearance is an attraction in itself in catering, retail and event marketing.

Business ideas in converted shipping containers

Where some just see a shipping container, others see a business idea. Inside a standard 40-foot container, there are 30 square metres of interior space to accommodate all kinds of projects:

Beach bars, small restaurants, kiosks and food trucks. Converted containers are a very attractive option for kiosks, cafes, bars and mobile food outlets that require little space, but need to get up and running quickly or move to another location at any time.

Gymnasiums. Sports centers and clubs are now adapting containers as mobile gyms, which can be installed outdoors for open air activities and storage of sports equipment.

Storage rooms. Containers can be used as lock-ups, storage rooms or warehouses. As they are made of weather-resistant materials, they are a safe option for storing all kinds of belongings and can be stacked to create larger structures.

Vending. Shipping containers can be transformed into 24-hour vending and self-service machines, which can be set up in a short time and moved if necessary.

Modified containers for events 

One of the main advantages of shipping containers is that they are easy to assemble and transport, making them a solution as temporary installations for all kinds of events:

– Pop up stores. Containers are a useful resource for brands that need to adapt a space for a specific duration to publicize a new product or service as part of their marketing activities.

Commercial stands for trade fairs and exhibitions. A container can become an original and lively space that strengthens the image of your company in front of customers and the public at trade fairs.

Art galleries or art exhibitions. Temporary art exhibitions fit perfectly in maritime containers that can house all kinds of artistic pieces and transport them from one city to another with total security and accessibility to the public. 

Stages. Another artistic use for shipping containers is as a stage for music festivals. They provide stability and speed up assembly. If we add to this the possibility of stands in a container, we can set up a mobile theatre in record time.

These are just a few examples of the potential of shipping containers for business and events.  If you want to give your project an identity of its own, shipping containers represent an innovative, customisable and environmentally friendly construction solution that will add value to your business.

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