Containers for industrial Equipment

Containerized solutions are gaining importance in all areas and especially in industrial sectors.

Shipping containers can be adapted to house workshops, water treatment plants, generators, test plants … There are already endless applications in the market and many more to come Some of these are:

Storage of special items

hazardous waste, corrosive liquids, etc.

Renewable energy

  • Energy storage
  • Electrical installations
  • Biomass
  • Water treatment

  • Water treatment plants.
  • Swimming pools sanitation.
  • Water treatment units for industrial application
  • Sewage treatment and discharge to the sanitation network
  • Test plants

    R&D projects, prototypes of any type of plant.

    Marine rescue equipment

    Containers to install deep dive monitoring equipment...

    Shipping containers provide industrial equipment with protection, functionality,  safe storage and packaging, as well as facilitate intermodal transport.

    Some equipment can be assembled at the source and transported to  the destination, ensuring compliance with the quality and design requirements.

    Containerized solutions can be based on first trip containers or manufactured as “customised” containers, designed to meet the clients’ requirements.

    BULLBOX offers the possibility of designing, constructing, and certifying containers to adapt them to industrial equipment, seeking an adequate balance of costs that make the option cost-effective and durable.

    Our philosophy is to reuse and reduce waste to offer an environmentally friendly shipping container.

    Our goal: to meet the customer’s requirements and exceed their expectations.