Placa CSC shipping container

What is a CSC plate?

The CSC (Container Security Certificate) plate is a metal plate affixed to shipping containers to certify that they have been constructed, inspected and tested in accordance with international security standards.

Generally, the CSC plate is located on the outside of the left-hand door of the container in a visible place and must be properly fastened.

What is the CSC of a container?

Containers manufactured in accordance with the 1972 CSC Convention are required to have identification plates verifying compliance with the Convention. This plate refers to the container’s compliance with structural strength tests.

Empty shipping containers move freely around the world through customs without duties and taxes. This is because the container is not considered a consumer good within the export and import traffics. To justify this requirement, the container must have a customs plate.

Which containers must carry the CSC plate?

Containers manufactured after 13 September 1977 and used for national and international transport of goods must have a certificate of conformity and the approval plate (CSC). Containers without such a certificate must have a CSC approval plate with a password number issued by the CSC authority. A container used for the transport of goods by rail or truck does not need to have the CSC plate, it could have the TIR or other specific certificates for transport by rail or road. The CSC combines the 3 modes of transport and allows it to be used for multimodal transport.

What data does the CSC security approval plate have to have?

The CSC plate has a stamped number and guarantees that the unit has successfully passed the established structural strength tests and gives information on the date of manufacture, name of the owner, manufacturer, maximum gross mass, identification code, permitted stacking weight, name of the certifying body that issued the certificate, required renewal date, etc.

How do I know if a container is legal?

To find out if a container is legal, it is necessary to check if it has a CSC plate, which is issued by an accredited certification body and certifies that the container complies with international safety standards.

The CSC plate must be placed in a visible location on the container and must contain important information about the container, such as the serial number of the container, the date of manufacture, the date of the last inspection and the name of the certifying body that issued the certificate.

How long does the CSC plate remain valid?

After a container has been inspected and approved for the issue of an initial CSC plate, the validity of the certificate is usually five years from the date of issue.

After this period, the container must undergo further inspection and security testing to renew the certificate. In general, the CSC plate must be renewed every five years, although the frequency of renewal may vary depending on the regulations of each country or region, or whether the container has been modified. In general, if the approval is related to the modification of the structure, the plate is valid for 1 year only.

It is important to note that if any damage or alteration to the container occurs during the validity of the certificate, a new inspection is required before the expiry date of the CSC plate, in order to ensure transport safety.

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