contenedores en puerto

In recent months, maritime transport has been the victim of virtual fraud. As in other sectors, fraudulent practices are proliferating in the container market via the Internet, making it necessary to warn companies and customers in the sector of the existing risk.

How to detect scams in the sale of containers online:

Most of these scams use the “phishing” technique. That is, impersonating the identity of container manufacturing companies to try to collect sales in the name of the company.

The modus operandi of these cybercriminals is usually the same. First, they impersonate an official of the firm by e-mail to send the victim an offer of a container at a price much lower than its real value. Then, they use different ways to obtain bank details or formalise the sale, and once they have received the money, they disappear without a trace.

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) urges people to report this type of incident through the Internet Security Office, which provides a series of clues to help detect them:

  • The email used by scammers is usually associated with a domain that is almost identical to that of a reputable company. They may even copy the visual identity of that company and its products. However, if you look closely, there are typos that should make you suspicious, such as incorrect versions of URLs.
  • The message is not personalised, often contains grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and lacks the commercial tone of the company being impersonated.
  • The urgency of the offer, as well as payment to bank accounts other than the usual ones.
  • Prices well below the real cost. This is the main hook used by fraudsters.

Recommendations for buying a container with guarantees :

Online fraud represents a danger for customers, but also for companies whose identity is stolen. As manufacturers of maritime containers and special containers, security in our commercial transactions is a priority.

  • Please do not respond to offers that use different communication or payment channels to the usual Bullbox ones. Any changes to our sales department, bank details or method of payment will be notified directly to you by your usual contact person. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • Price should not be a determining factor. Be wary of product advertisements at bargain prices that come from emails from dubious senders, unknown buying and selling platforms, websites, or social networks with little or no history or that provide little information.
  • Buying a sea container with established quality standards should be the result of a proven decision. Only use certified suppliers.