Office and accommodation containers

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bar contenedor - Office and accommodation containers

Containers designed to be used as homes, hotels, offices and welfare, shops, information points, bars, warehouses, stands, etc. All these solutions can be permanent or movable installations.

Do you want a fast, transportable and ecological solution? Tell us your idea and our team of experts will advise you. The container can be modified and add the equipment that suits your budget.

The main advantage of the shipping containers is their sturdiness, durability, and ease of transport since they are designed and manufactured to withstand adverse weather conditions and continuous handling.

The use of container houses offers advantages over traditional construction: reduced costs and shorter construction time, and they can also be relocated. We design homes following environmentally friendly parameters.

BULLBOX also offers FLAT PACK foldable stalls. A simple and versatile solution.

One flat-pack consists of top frame, bottom frame, 4 posts and 12 pieces exchangeable wall panels, one of them with door and two of them with window. Supplied with electrical installation with 2 light points and 4 plugs.

They are delivered in 6-unit batches inside 40’HC shipping container, tool kit can be supplied.
Once at their destination they can be assembled in a few hours following the instructions video saving transport costs.


Budget Requests

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