BULLBOX is aware of the importance of offering a product of the highest quality to our customers.

That’s why our containers are manufactured complying with the strictest international approvals and certifications for multimodal transport, following a strict manufacturing process complying with current regulations.

In order to comply with these quality standards, BULLBOX has implemented a quality management system under ISO 9001: 2015 standard, maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement in management and provision of its services, always in compliance with the legal requirements, and seeking at all times, customer and stakeholders satisfaction. From these primary goals arise objectives developed at all levels and in all areas of the company.

Therefore, BULLBOX guarantee that all containers our customers receive are manufactured in the most optimal possible way.

calidad1 - Quality

ISO 668:

Series 1. Freight container. Classification, external dimensions and ratings

ISO 830:

Freight containers – Vocabulary

ISO 1161:

Series 1 freight containers — Corner and intermediate fittings –Specifications

ISO 1496-1:

Series 1 freight containers — Specification and testing.

ISO 6346:

Freight containers – coding, identification and marking

DNV 2.7-1

Offshore Containers

BS EN 12079

Offshore Containers

Certificado T.I.R

All the containers will be certified and comply with “The Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under the cover of T.I.R. Carnets.” or “The Customs Convention on Containers.”

Certificado C.S.C.

All the containers will be certified and comply with the requirements of the “International Convention for the Safe Containers.

Certificado T.C.T.

All exposed wooden components used for container will be treated to comply with the requirements of “Cargo Containers – Quarantine Aspects and Procedures” of the Commonwealth Department of Health, Australia.

Registro U.I.C.

All containers are built in complience with the regulations of the Worldwide Railway Organisation

All the containers will be certified for design type and inspected by Classification Society.