contenedor Reefer

A refrigerated container or Reefer is an intermodal shipping container used in the transportation of goods that require a controlled temperature during transport and storage.

This type of container is used by the food industry to transport perishable and temperature-sensitive cargo. It is also common in the transport of chemical or pharmaceutical products, which need to maintain a constant temperature.

Reefer containers should not be mistaken with refrigerated trucks. The container is transported on the lorry and placed where it is needed, ensuring that the cargo is always maintained at a controlled temperature. This type of container is useful at trade fairs or events, which require extra storage, or when goods need to be moved to different places at different times of the year.

There are several sizes of Reefer container: 10′, 20′, 20′ HC, 40′ and 45′, standard height or High Cube version.

What extras can be added to the Reefer container?

Reefer containers are equipped with a refrigeration machine to maintain a temperature inside, and therefore it must be connected to an external energy source.

The Cold Storage container is an advanced version, which comes with the following extras:


-Interior LED light recessed in the ceiling.

-Aluminium access ramp.

-PVC curtain.

-Easy-opening 1/3 and 2/3 doors.

-Panic door with interior opening.

Advantages for the user:

Better insulation, with PVC curtains, which prevent cold leaks every time the door is opened.

Ease of access, thanks to the aluminium access ramp and the 1/3
and 2/3 doors that allow quick loading and unloading manoeuvres.

Better operational safety, thanks to the panic door with interior opening and alarm with interior pushbutton to warn of lock-in.

Greater comfort for mobility inside, thanks to the LED light on
the roof.

It is also possible to customise the Reefer container, creating several storage spaces with independent accesses, of the same or different temperatures, which would allow different types of goods to be stored. Now that you know what a Reefer container
can offer, you can contact us to order yours.