Bullbox does more than manufacture containers, we also offer our services so that the customer does not have to worry about organising transport, import procedures…

What is a “one way” or “first trip” container? Shipping containers are manufactured in Asia and moved transporting cargo once to reduce costs. That is the reason they are one way containers.

The containers are stored in our partners’ depots close to the main seaports or inland logistics areas.  A truck with a container platform is required in order to transport the containers by road from the depot to the place chosen by the customer.

If the client prefers, we also can organize transport to destination.

Sometimes it’s necessary to ship empty containers, depending on the type of container or the delivery time.

BULLBOX has agreements with the main shipping companies to offer this service at competitive prices. In this way BULLBOX can deliver the containers where the client needs them.

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When the container has been manufactured in Asia and will not be used for international transport, it must be custom cleared. BULLBOX can take care of the import procedures. We offer this service for containers delivered in Spain and France.

Do you need to rent containers?

We are aware that each client needs a solution adapted to their operation and circumstances, so we study each case and respond with the solution that best suits their needs. We offer flexible rental and rental container solutions with option to purchase, for a minimum of 10 ship containers and periods of four years or more.

One way or used containers?

BULLBOX has a wide variety of second-hand containers, containers that can be 10 to 15 years old or even older.

Depending on their state and condition they can be described as:

Cargo Worthy (CW) are containers that have dents, rust… with no holes, and doors that close properly, they are watertight and can be used for maritime transport. They are supplied with CSC certificate for 6 months if the customer needs it.
AS IS containers are shipping containers with multiple damage and cannot be used for transport, therefore they are delivered “as is”, without repair or review.