oficina jardín contenedor marítimo transformado

Lately, many people have had find a place to work from home. In the case of single-family homes, the idea of installing an office in the outdoor area has proved to be a viable and attractive option.

For freelancers, employees and companies that need additional space because theirs has become too small to be able to continue developing their activity, meet clients or hold meetings, setting up an office in their garden can be flexible and economical alternative to renting a space in a business centre or coworking.

What is a backyard office?

A backyard office or garden office is an auxiliary construction that is very typical in Anglo-Saxon countries. In Spain, the most similar are the multipurpose wooden huts.

For some years now we can find prefabricated offices that are assembled on the ground in all styles, sizes and tastes. The most innovative projects involve setting up a garden office with a cargo container.

Assembling a garden office from a container

Converted shipping containers offer endless architectural possibilities. More and more architectural studios are incorporating these steel structures to design multifunctional, versatile and economical spaces.

Shipping container architecture is modular. This makes it possible to set up a garden office in a short time and almost in any location.

Here is a link to one of our latest projects

Advantages of having a prefabricated office in the garden with shipping containers:

  • They can be configured according to requirements. There are various container sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, depending on the size of the space or the shape of the site. From a modest office with a small 8-foot container (2.4 x 2.2 metres) to a more comfortable office with a 20-foot contanier (6 metres).

If it is not enough for you to enjoy the tranquility of installing your office in the garden, and you want even more, from Bullbox we offer you the possibility of creating a terrace on the top so you can take a break or simply hold a work meeting while you enjoy the day.

terraza contenedor maritimo 1024x819 - Set up a home office in the garden with a cargo container<br>
Terrace in shipping container

We adapt to all your needs, the container is equipped with a kitchen so that you have everything you need and can have your first coffee in the morning while you organise your day without leaving the office, or better still have it on the terrace!

interior oficina contenedor 1024x819 - Set up a home office in the garden with a cargo container<br>
Office interior shipping container
  • These are very strong watertight compartments. You will have a safe and durable space for a long time.
  • They are stackable. If you need more space, you can always add another container or combine different sizes.
  • Very easy to transport. If you have to move to another location, you can change its location and in case your work situation changes, you can always give it an alternative use or put it up for sale as a second-hand container.

    As in a traditional office, the cargo containers that are transformed into a garden office have insulation, electrical installation, lighting and can be customised with all types of interior cladding to become comfortable spaces, according to the client’s taste.
    If you are thinking about an office for your garden with containers, Bullbox can help you. We are manufacturers of all types of containers. We also develop customised projects with maritime containers for residential, commercial or industrial use. You will only have to take care of choosing the furniture. Contact us.