almacenaje contenedores marítimos

The space in our homes and offices is often too small to store everything we want. We accumulate more and more goods, which makes it necessary to look for additional space to store everything we don’t use, but don’t want to get rid of.  

Storage rooms have always been a good alternative for this purpose. However, the scarce supply of these spaces and the high demand have awakened interest in the use of maritime containers as a storage system.  

Containers transformed into storage rooms are a growing trend for private use, but also as a business project.

Advantages of shipping containers as a storage system

There are many reasons why converted shipping containers are used as storage rooms:

They are strong and durable.

Shipping containers undergo rigorous testing for quality control and resistance to water, impact and vibration. They are designed to protect all types of goods inside from humidity or dust and keep them in good condition for long periods of time.

They are watertight compartments.

This avoids the insect and rodent problems that some storage rooms and other storage facilities tend to have.

They are versatile.

The variety of sizes of shipping containers allows you to create storage rooms of greater or lesser capacity. A shipping container can be transformed into a mini-warehouse for a single-family home or a self storage project with several containers.

They are easy to install.

They can be placed anywhere, making them a very cost-effective option for mobile storage.  

They are accessible and convenient.

They have direct access at ground level, which avoids having to go up and down stairs. Furthermore, as they are a drive-up system, it is possible to park a vehicle at the doors of the container itself to move the packages, without the need to resort to lifting methods that involve extra cost.  

What type of container is used as a storage or mini-warehouse?

There are different types of containers that can be used as a storage room or warehouse. 6-foot containers (1.8 x 1.9 meters) and 8-foot containers (2.4 x 2.2 meters) are often used as small storage rooms or mini-warehouses. They are ideal for outdoor or indoor use in single-family homes or offices, for storage of sports equipment, tools or files.  
Larger capacity 20-foot containers (13.5 square meters) and 40-foot containers (27 square meters) can store anything from pallets of goods to all kinds of large items such as furniture, vehicles or industrial equipment.  
A common solution is to use 20′ double door containers and install a partition wall in the container, creating 2 spaces of 7.5m², equivalent to the 10′, but at a much lower cost than using 2 10′ containers. There is also the possibility of creating 4 small spaces of 1.20x3m within a 20′.

Shipping container storage, a growing business

Transforming maritime containers to provide a self storage service is a growing business idea. This type of project does not require a large investment and offers short-term profitability. These structures are quick to transport and assemble, and require no maintenance.  
Shipping containers can be combined to adapt to the size and design of the available land. They can also be moved, stacked high or expanded in number, without the need for building work.  
If you are interested in setting up your own shipping container storage business or acquiring one for private use, please contact us. We will give you a quote adapted to your needs.