stand contenedor para feria

Trade fairs and exhibitions are an undeniable marketing tool. By having a presence at a trade fair stand, companies can promote their product, service, or brand to a large audience, even participating in events or acting as sponsors.

Trade fair stands or commercial pavilion stands are spaces that can generally be rented or purchased. They come in various sizes, types, and designs, but all share a common goal: to attract the attention of visitors.

When well-designed, a trade fair stand can also host presentations and demonstrations that foster business relationships and contacts.

Types of Trade Fair Stands 

Today, there is a wide variety of commercial stands, so when choosing the most suitable one, it is important to consider which options fit the space, budget, and possibilities. Generally speaking, we can distinguish between:

Standard Modular Stand  

This type of stand consists of prefabricated, modular elements ready to assemble. They are usually aluminum structures that facilitate assembly and include elements such as wall panels, shelves, and custom graphics. This type of trade fair stand is suitable when there is limited space or budget. They are common in small and single-themed fairs like books, crafts, and food.

Custom or Design Stand 

Most major fairs and sectoral events feature this type of stand. These trade fair stands use solid and durable materials like wood, glass, and metal. They also allow for greater flexibility in size and design, according to the company’s needs. A custom stand is ideal for companies looking to highlight their identity and values while offering a better experience to visitors. However, their cost is higher and they can present transportation and assembly difficulties, increasing expenses.

Portable or Pop-Up Stand

This type of stand consists of a graphic support that functions as a counter. They are small in size to facilitate transport and installation. Companies with a busy event schedule that do not want to invest time or budget in assemblies use this type of trade fair stand.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Trade Fair Stand?

Another variable to consider before deciding on one model or another is the setup time. Setting up a trade fair stand can range from a few hours for a small modular type to several days for a large custom stand. It is important to note that the availability of materials can affect the execution and assembly of the stand, delaying its start-up or compromising the safety of the installation.

Containers for Trade Fair Stands

In contrast to the aforementioned stands, transformed containers for fair and event organizers represent a modern, versatile, and affordable alternative for businesses that want to be present without investing large budgets.

At Bullbox, we can transform a shipping container into a trade fair stand equipped with everything needed for any commercial activity. For example, in this container stand project, we used the structure of a 20′ HC container, adding foldable glass doors as the main entrance and a removable floor to expand the interior space.

BULLBOX F09 1024x683 - What stand do I need for a Trade Fair?

Besides their flexibility in designing a custom stand, the advantage is that being a modular structure, it can be easily and quickly transported to any location without complicated assemblies or disassemblies. Additionally, it can be reused with the same or a different design as many times as desired, serving as storage during downtime.

If you want your next trade fair stand to be a transformed container, call us! We will make it stand out from all the others.