40'HC Open Side

Containers are a vital part of the maritime transport of goods. Due to their hermetic and robust structure, they are the most effective solution for protecting goods from severe weather, but also from possible damage or theft, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in optimum condition.

There is a container model for each type of cargo. The Container Security Convention (CSC) determines the tests to which they must be submitted for approval, according to ISO standards.

The most used maritime containers are:

Standard 20′ container. This is the most common for loading general cargo. Without refrigeration or ventilation and with a two-panel front door. It is 20 feet long, the equivalent of 6 metres, 2.40 metres wide and 2.60 metres high.

contenedor maritimo 20 pies - Types of shipping containers
20 foot container

-Standard 40′ container. Longer than the 20’, it is ideal for larger volumes of cargo. Its 40 feet long is equivalent to 12 metres and has a load capacity of 67.60 m3.

contenedor 40 pies - Types of shipping containers
40 foot container

Other versions of these models are the 20′ double door or tunnel container with doors on both sides or the 40′ High Cube Open Size to allow independent access from each side.

20dd 02 - Types of shipping containers
20′ Double Door Shipping Container

High Cube Containers (HC) have an extra height. Both the 20’ High Cube container and the 40’ High Cube container reach 9′ 6”, which is equivalent to 2.89 metres. This is 13% more capacity, making them suitable for higher volume loads.

40hc 03 - Types of shipping containers
40 hc container

-Open Side Container. It has the particularity of having doors on the right side, in addition to the doors on the end wall. It is useful in the case of long loads or when it is necessary to move goods from the back of the container.

20os 02 - Types of shipping containers
Open Side Container

-Open Top container. This container is open at the top and covered with a tarpaulin. This facilitates loading goods that are difficult to fit through the door. Not to be confused with the Hard Top Container, whose top opening is hermetically sealed by a metal cover.

1 1 - Types of shipping containers
40′ Open Top Container

Flat Rack Container. Without side walls and roof. It is normally used for goods with special or heavy measurements, which are lashed by straps or chains

12FR40 1024x768 - Types of shipping containers
40′ Flat Rack Container

Reefer containers. These are containers equipped with a refrigeration machine for goods that require a constant temperature.

contenedor Reefer - Types of shipping containers
Reefer Container

There are also containers of special dimensions. The 10′ containers, 8′ containers and 6′ containers are generally used for storage as small warehouses. These can be transported inside a larger sea container. 

8 foot inside 10 foot 1 768x1024 - Types of shipping containers

Other types, such as Pallet Wide containers are slightly wider for transporting goods on Euro pallets.

45 pies pallet wide high cube 1024x766 - Types of shipping containers
45′ HC Pallet Wide Container

At Bullbox we have a wide range of standard containers as well as customised containerisation solutions. If you need a sea container, please contact a reputable professional.