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Perhaps one of the most striking applications of the versatility offered by a shipping container is its use as a home or office. Until now, we have seen office containers as a temporary feature on construction sites or outdoor projects. In the same way, when we were told about a house made of containers, we thought of a bungalow.

The reality today, in a world that seeks sustainability without sacrificing design and practicality, is that shipping containers are no longer just an alternative but a sought after choice for many.

What are the advantages of sea containers converted into offices and homes?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, the advantages of choosing a shipping container for this type of construction:

  1. They are 100% customizable depending on what you are looking for. From industrial finishes to more traditional ones where you have to explain that yes, you are inside a container. Many of our clients opt for these types of industrial container finishes that are so eye-catching. But there are options for every taste! Contact us and we will find your vision.
  2. Versatility: these are transportable spaces that you can move from one place to another according to your needs. Need more space? Expand by attaching or stacking with no problem!
  3. Lead times: delivery times are reduced because all the work is centralised in one place.
  4. Industrial quality control applied to construction. New and safe!
  5. Strength and durability, whether you want to move the space or leave it fixed.
  6. Is it possible to comply with the Technical Building Code (TBC)? Of course it can.
  7. Tighter costs than traditional construction.

With so many advantages, it makes sense that containers have become one of the most sought after solutions in modern architecture.

BULLBOX offers you technical support from day one to help you find what you are looking for.

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